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PASS Online Assignment

The PASS Program is currently closed. Call 512-245-1490 to schedule an appointment with your advisor.

The PASS online assignment was created for students that are unable or do not wish to attend the on campus workshops. This assignment will assist students in identifying the barriers to their academic success and utilize the campus resources available to them to overcome those barriers. Students will also gain a better understanding of Texas State University policies and procedures. 

Part I-Campus Resources


A) Visit the websites of the campus resources listed below:


Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC) -


Writing Center-

Office of Disability Services-

Office of Veterans Affairs-

Student Affairs-

Student Support Services-

Counseling Center-

Career Services-

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships-

Albert B. Alkek Library-

College of Applied Arts Advising Center-


B) Answer questions 1-5 in essay form (minimum of one paragraph for each question)

Part II-Policies

For questions 6-8 refer to the Undergraduate Catalog:

* Answer in complete sentences

For question 10 refer to the Undergraduate Excessive Hours Fee Policy and Procedure Statement:

Part III- Academic Calendar

For Questions 11-14 refer to the fall 2017 academic calendar:

Part IV- Financial Aid

* Part IV is optional if you are not receiving financial aid or do not anticipate financial aid in the future. However, it is highly recommended that you complete this section, as there is important information about maintaining financial aid eligibility and the financial aid suspension appeal process.   

For Questions 15 - 21 refer to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships website (maintain my elgibility):

*Note: This section is related to financial aid elgibility not academic standing

Part V- GPA Calculation

For question 22:

1. Unofficial Transcript via self-service banner:

2. Calculator

3. GPA Calculation Worksheet:

* If you have difficulty with this section, do your best and you can discuss your Texas State GPA during your required advising appointment.

You will be emailed an excel document after submission. The document then needs to be submited via TRACS under assignments. * *