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SOS Session

SOS Prezi Quiz

All College of Applied Arts probation students will need to complete this quiz after viewing the SOS Prezi presentation. This will satisfy the SOS requirement for the PASS Program.


Campus Resources:

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Writing Center-

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1. Students placed on Academic Probation are given two probationary semesters (fall or spring terms) to raise their Texas State GPA to 2.00. *
2. If your Texas State GPA is less than 2.00 at the end of the second probationary semester, you will face: *
3. You can appeal Academic Suspension: *
4. I should enroll in courses at a community college to regain good academic standing at Texas State University *
5. Students attempting the same course at Texas State for the third time may be charged a fee in additon to tution. *
6. Can you repeat a class at a community college to replace the grade in your Texas State GPA? *
7. The minimum Texas State GPA for financial aid is: *
8. The minimum completion rate for financial aid is: *
9. The maximum attempted hours financial aid will pay for is: *
10. You can appeal financial aid suspension: *